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August 2018

Facebook and SMEs unite to revolutionize electronic commerce

Since social networks have come into our lives, more and more SMEs are joining the online revolution to reach a greater number of people, in fact, a large percentage of entrepreneurs have already changed the physical stores by virtual thanks to the new loans for online companies.

The latest? Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the social network par excellence, is developing an initiative to promote the products of small businesses, through which users of the network can buy from their own Facebook profile.

Do you know the loans for online companies?

Private lenders have adapted their financing service to our new way of life, totally linked to the online universe. As we announced at the beginning, a large percentage of new freelancers have opted for electronic commerce to develop their activity, with the aim of making themselves known massively without spending too much money on advertising, thanks to the new loans for online companies.

How the innovative Facebook system will work

Although there are already social networks, such as Twitter or Pinterest, which are launching an e-commerce system, Facebook wants to go further by implementing a new purchase button in stores that have registered their official web page. The goal is to turn these pages into online stores and allow SMEs to monetize their Facebook pages without paying for sponsoring messages. Facebook users will find the new purchase button next to each article so that they can acquire the products they want without having to leave their profile.

The Facebook pilot button

Since June 10 a small group of shops is testing the project to evaluate if it is worthwhile to include this new feature in its pages, but how does it really work? To be able to implement this option, stores that have registered their Facebook page will receive an invitation with the option to test, if the company accepts the proposal, they can upload photographs of their products accompanied by a purchase button. The interested user will only have to press and enter the required information.

In addition to the purchase button, Facebook will also allow the development of promotion announcements and the management of the client portfolio and the purchases made through the page.

Mark Zuckerberg’s network has already announced that users will have the option to save their information to streamline future purchases, especially those made from mobile devices, and that all information will be protected with full guarantees.